Friday, December 16, 2011

Probably the best dinner I've had

We were pretty exhausted after getting back from Rovinj, so we decided to take it easy the rest of the night. We took a swim, then went back to get dressed for dinner. Having had pizza the night before, we decided to have a nice sit down meal. (Granted, the pizza was covered with procuittio).

Hrast was a restaurant near to our resort that had been recommended by the tour inform lady. When we got there, the place was empty. And not just of guests....I couldn't find a waitress or hostess either. Definitely a good sign. One showed after we poked around awkwardly for a bit.

She sat us out on the deck overlooking the sea as the sun was setting. Beautiful, but I consequentally had the sun in my eyes the whole time.

Man, oh, man was the food good. Probably one of the best meals I've eaten.
As a "starter" we had noodles with fresh mussels in a garlic butter sauce. That was nearly a meal in itself. On top of that, we had ordered calimari. Instead of strips like are common here, it was cut into pieces maybe three inches long and left as rings. I don't know how they did it, but it was lightly pan fried...and tasted kind of like fried chicken.

Somehow the waitress had misinterrpreted our order and we ended up with twice the amount we wanted. It was a little painful to finish, but heck if I was going to leave that behind!

We sat for a while longer on the deck, just enjoying the night. Slowly other people started to show took us til then to realize how early we were--we started dinner around 7 and it was just 9 or so then. Glad the restaurant was doing well.

Full as we were, I decided on dessert...a triple chocolate berry cake of some sort.

Sorry for the lame food post...but man, was that calamari good.

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