Friday, December 16, 2011

Lake Bled, Slovenia--May 24

The next day, we decided to visit Lake Bled before it got too warm out. The highlight of Bled is its lake, which features the only natural island in all of Slovenia. Tito had a summer home along the lake (now a hotel). The lake was extended to facilitate rowing competitions on the lake. There is a medieval castle on a bluff above the lake.

The church on the island--Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary--was built in the 15th century. After going out to the island, it is good luck for a groom to carry his new bride (ahem) up all of the 99 steps in one go. Hell if anyone was going to tote me up the steps. We decided to forgo visiting the church and enjoy the 3.5 mile walk around the lake alone.

On a complete side note, we were stopped when we were nearly around the lake by some German tourists. When they asked how long it would take, Jon's two years of high school German really paid off. He'll probably kill me for writing that, but I'm sick of him gloating about his incredible language skills. Actually, rudimentary German has come in handy this trip, so I shouldn't complain! (I've only been able to use my 10 years of French to eavesdrop on some Swiss guys in Split).

I'll give up the chatter and leave you with some photos of Lake Bled:

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