Friday, December 16, 2011

Kayaking on Lake Bohinj--May 25

After grabbing lunch, we changed and drove back to Lake Bohinj. When we checked in, we discovered there was another guy who had signed up to go on our trip. From England, he was on a "guys weekend" with his son. They had spent the morning "canyoning"--which entails jumping off high places like bridges and cliffs into deep pools of freezing mountain stream water. Later he would tell us that the kayaking was a lot more fun (and warm).

We paddled around the lake a bit, learning how to go forwards and backwards and turn. British guy got it right away. I got it, but was slow and "too careful." The instructor kept trying to help Jon, but after a while just told him that "well, hopefully the current will help you." At one point I thought he was joking around because he was zigzagging so much...turns out he was actually trying.

So we dipped under the bridge (remember the bridge from a few posts ago?). It was really fun. And a LOT harder than I remembered. I've only done kayaking on the intercostal waterway and on lakes. Rivers with rocks and stuff was a whole new game. We went over little rapids, and over little dams. I didn't flip once, although I swore I was. The guide was good about warning us about hidden rocks and currents.

The dams were actually interesting, they put two sticks hanging down from the bridge above which you are supposed to shoot between. There is a ramp there so you don't kill yourself on rocks. If you don't hit the dam exactly perpendicular, you will more thank likely flip and spin top over end at the bottom. Fun. No one did that.

The first set of rapids were tiny. I went down the rapids first and was waiting for the rest to catch up. The British guy came down and told me "I think you're boyfriend's decided to take a swim." It turns out, Jon had flipped. It took a while for them to catch up. When they got there, I learned that his ring had slipped off. That's right! My new husband lost his wedding ring on our honeymoon.

Funny thing is, when we were getting ready, he had stopped and asked me if I was wearing mine. I told him that I never had trouble with it slipping, so yes. He shrugged and said yeah, but he was worried about it slipping, but if I wasn't worried....He was afraid of it falling off, but wore it anyway! He, of course, felt terrible, but it does give me something to hold over him whenever needed :-)

Despite the lost ring, we had a great time. The waters were crystal clear and the air temperature was perfect. Definitely more awesome . . .whatever else we hadn't planned on doing anyway

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